Clinical Trial Recruitment just got a whole lot smarter.

Our Network Partner’s capabilities in patient recruitment, engagement, and specifically retention are vast. Their team tackles the hardest last mile of recruitment via a very hands-on approach that partners every potential lead with a Care Coordinator. The Care Coordinator engages with potential trial participants and site coordinators through enrollment, building trusting relationships and overcoming enrollment barriers resulting in the avoidance of inundating sites with distracting leads - instead focusing on delivering only highly qualified and committed leads with the highest probability of randomization to reduce site burnout. These actions are executed with a focus on the patient, employing empathy to enhance the comfort of Clinical Trial volunteers, thereby improving both engagement and retention.



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Lets talk about how iEnroll builds trust with empathy and care for patients.

Denise McNerney
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Helping patients overcome fear of participating in clinical trials

Build patient trust with empathy

Provide better accessibility to patients

Run Clinical Trials More Efficiently


Trial and site feasibility from digital data profiling


Intelligence-Driven Enrollment


iEnroll Lead Management System


Internet marketing strategy


Trial optimization from real-time insights

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Andy McWilliams, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer, Co-Founder

Andy is a practicing board certified Internal Medicine and Pediatric physician. He graduated from UNC Chapel Hill Schools of Medicine and Public Health with an MD/MPH. As a principal and co-investigator on numerous industry, federal, and foundation sponsored studies, he has seen firsthand the benefits clinical trial participation offers patients, but also the frustrations of trying to match the right patient to the right trial.

Freddie has been implementing internet marketing campaigns for 14 years, focusing on maximizing client’s ROI. He manages iEnroll’s clinical trial enrollment campaigns, where participants are targeted based on thousands of factors including online activities and purchase behavior, delivering pre-screened and ready to enroll leads to coordinators. Some certifications in digital analytics include Google Analytics and paid ad platforms like Google Adwords

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Freddie Sexton

Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder

About Global Life Sciences Alliance (GLSA)

GLSA’s Global Network of solutions providers incorporates a variety of CROs and specialty vendors to support the specific needs of your clinical trial. Our network includes full-service CROs, biometrics, site selection, patient recruitment and retention, clinical supply chain management, and more. GLSA pre-qualifies all members of our network so you can be comfortable working with quality service providers.

We connect Sponsors with the CRO that has the right experience, culture, and capabilities to execute their research protocol. We leverage our extensive experience and harness our key relationships to work for CROs. We can fill any gaps you need to support your client’s trials. GLSA takes the guesswork out of vendor selection with our industry experts and experience.

What are your challenges? Contact GLSA to learn more about how we can help you accelerate your speed to market.